Fire Sprinkler System Design Service

There are times our clients only require fire sprinkler system design drawings and water supply calculations. London Sprinkler Systems provides a specialised BS:9251 (2021) fire sprinkler system design service to home owners, architects, building developers, consultants, surveyors and private building contractors. So whether you are planning a sprinkler system installation for your home or, you are inundated with sprinkler design work and need some help, we’ve got you covered.

Your fire sprinkler design is the essential first step for calculating the water requirements for your sprinkler system. This calculation tells you, the flow and pressure of water, the sprinkler system will need if a sprinkler head is activated. The result of this calculation will determine whether you can feed the sprinkler system directly from the existing water supply, or if you will need to boost the water supply with a pump.

A sprinkler system can also be fed from a dedicated sprinkler tank and pump, that is separate from your domestic water supply. The calculation can be used to give you the correct size of the tank and the pressure required from the pump.

Your fire sprinkler system design will also tell you how many sprinkler heads are needed. The position the sprinkler heads need to be in to comply with the BS 9251 (2021) standards. You will also know the sprinkler pipe route and the pipe sizes.

Knowing the exact number of materials needed to complete a compliant fire sprinkler installation, will allow you to keep a tight control of costs, long before any work begins.

LSS Fire Sprinkler Design

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How your fire sprinkler system designs are created


Your fire sprinkler designs will be created using AutoCad or Revit design software, which are the industry standard for computer aided design. The sprinkler systems water requirements are calculated using Canute design software to ensure 100% accuracy in the event the sprinkler system is activated and full compliance to BS 9251 (2021) standards.

The information we will need


All you need to do is send your proposed floor plans to us in either PDF or DWG format.

If you have reflective ceiling plans, this will help us to place the sprinkler heads in line with the lighting and smoke detector positions and avoid clashes with service runs.

Your fire strategy document will tell us of any enhancements needed for the sprinkler system.

If you do not have floor plans, we can arrange a survey of the property to take room measurements, discuss pipe routes, sprinkler head positioning and any potential obstructions before designing your system.

What you will receive in your fire sprinkler design only package


Once we have all the information needed, we can create your initial fire sprinkler design. The initial design will include, PDF and CAD drawings with the proposed sprinkler pipe routes and pipe sizes, sprinkler hanger positions, and sprinkler head positions covering all the required areas to satisfy the BS:9251 (2021) requirements.

You will now be able to discuss any design clashes with the other trades on your project. If there are any adjustments needed, your sprinkler design can be amended at no extra cost until it has been approved.

When you have approved the fire sprinkler design, we can calculate the exact water requirement needed for the system. Using Canute software for this calculation confirms the fire sprinkler systems chosen pipe sizing and sprinkler heads are viable.

The flow rate and water pressure needed to feed your sprinkler system, can be sent to your water supplier, who will advise if your water supply can meet the demands of the fire sprinkler system.

You will also be given the schematic drawing for the sprinkler system, which explains how all the sprinkler systems valves are installed in relation to your domestic water supply. This will ensure all the components are installed in the correct positions and will work as intended.

The final part of your fire sprinkler design package will be a complete list of all the components and materials your system will need.

Knowing the exact quantities of sprinkler heads, pipe, fittings and fire sprinkler valves needed, enables you to accurately cost your sprinkler system the moment you are ready for the installation to begin.

Regardless of the size of your project, we have a fire sprinkler design package you can use to plan a trouble-free fire sprinkler installation.

Single Dwelling House Design

Full property on 1 drawing maximum scale @ 1:100
Unlimited amendments until drawing approved
£240 + VAT per floor plan
£240 + VAT – water supply calculation

Small Block up to 8 flats per floor

One drawing per floor – maximum scale @ 1:100
Unlimited amendments until drawings approved
£260 + VAT per floor plan
£260 + VAT – water supply calculation

Large Block 9+ flats per floor

One drawing per floor – maximum scale @ 1:100
Unlimited amendments until drawings approved
£280 + VAT per floor plan
£280 + VAT – water supply calculation

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